The Last of Us Part 2: Fake User Reviews or Fake Critics?

The Last of Us: Left Behind Metacritic User Score
  1. Australians got the game much earlier than the rest of the world. There were full game walk-through videos with millions of views on Youtube 12+ hours before the Metacritic even enabled user reviews.
  2. Around seven thousand user reviews on the first day is nothing for a game that was purchased by millions of players.
  3. People who watched the walk-through videos on Youtube or Twitch are just as well equipped to rate the game as the player streaming it. This is a story driven game. You don’t have to hold the controller to tell if you like the story or not.
  1. Of course there are more. It’s 2020. There are far more registered users on Metacritic today than there were 7 years ago.
  2. Most importantly, people who are disappointed are more likely to post a review. This applies to everything. From product reviews to movie reviews.
  3. This is one of the most anticipated games ever made.

Spoilers in the next paragraph!

No More Spoilers

Professional Critics like IGN or Guardian giving 100 score

My question is, how is this any better than giving it 0? You blame consumers for giving it 0, yet you are doing the same thing in reverse by giving it 100.

Why are so many disappointed with the sequel?

Spoilers Ahead!

Hey all, I’m JOEL!

No more spoilers.

How is it that the majority of large Youtube gamers are not happy with the game, yet the critics employed by the gaming companies are giving it 10/10?




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Just here to store my thoughts

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